leased line modem

leased line modem

This 19" rack slot modem is a replacement of the WT-KS Leased Line Modems. It builds automatically establishes a connection and has an alarm contact to display a connection interruption. Enables connections with a higher data rate
(up to 48kbps @ 6 kHz bandwidth).


Leased Line Modem Datasheet (german)



  • 3U 19” rack mount
  • 9-36V DC power supply, 3W
  • Coded-OFDM with QAM-4 to QAM-16384 and Trellis shaping
  • OFDM bandwidth of 3kHz and 6kHz
  • Data rate of up to 24kbps @ 3kHz, 6kHz @ resp.48kbps
  • CE, EN60950, EN55022, EN55024 (Modem Modul)
  • Burst protection K.21, FCC Part 68